State Support for Local Climate Action

Local governments can receive financial and technical support from New York State agencies for taking action to mitigate and adapt to climate change.


Several New York State agencies provide funding to support completion of Climate Smart Communities (CSC) certification actions, including the Department of Environmental Conservation (DEC), the Energy Research and Development Agency (NYSERDA), and the Department of State (DOS). The descriptions of the certification actions on this website include references to the specific funding programs relevant to each action.

Grant applications for state funds from Registered and Certified Climate Smart Communities earn higher scores for some programs, including DEC’s CSC Grant Program.

Technical Assistance

Regional coordinators are available to provide free technical support to local governments as they implement clean energy projects and work toward CSC certification. The regional coordinators provide on-demand consulting services, including assistance with templates (e.g., for legislation and procurement) and guidance on taking advantage of funding opportunities. These coordinators are funded by NYSERDA and can be reached at

Inquiries about the CSC Certification program can also be emailed to


Monthly CSC webinars provide timely information on a wide variety of topics related to local climate action. The CSC webinar series, hosted by DEC staff, runs from September to June. Check the schedule for upcoming webinars or review recordings and slides from past webinar presentations.

Mailing List

Join the CSC mailing list to receive emails about new resources, funding opportunities, upcoming webinars, and workshops. To stay informed, join the mailing list by entering your email address in the “DEC Delivers” box at

Climate Smart Communities in the News

Read the latest news on the progress of your peers. Climate Smart Communities in the News provides up-to-date news accounts of Climate Smart Communities taking action on their CSC pledges.

Online Guidance

DEC’s website hosts the CSC Guide to Local Action, which include case studies illustrating implementation of each pledge element and recommended first steps for new members of the program.