Collaborating with Partners to Complete Actions

Local governments can earn points for actions that they implement alone or in partnership with other entities, such as counties, neighboring jurisdictions, or regional organizations. To earn points for an action in which the local government is not the lead actor, the local government must demonstrate substantial involvement in the action. Substantial involvement could include a commitment of resources or other political support, such as the following:

  • Financial investment or resources
  • Staff resources
  • Provision of property or other in-kind resources
  • Local government resources or services to support an event, such as security or recycling pickup
  • Participation on a board or committee
  • Participation in a planning process
  • A resolution of support
  • Commitment to support an action in a plan, policy, ordinance, or other adopted document
  • Adoption, enforcement, implementation of a countywide policy, plan, or ordinance

For actions in which a local government seeks to earn points for which it is not the lead actor, but is substantially involved, it must submit evidence demonstrating its involvement and explain its involvement.

If a local government has collaborated with another community on an action for which both seek to earn points, each local government must submit documentation separately as part of its individual application for certification.