Certification Actions

Below is the list of actions that are part of the Climate Smart Communities (CSC) Certification program. Click on the pledge elements (PE) and action names to expand the listings and learn more. Actions tagged with "Competitive Funding Available" in the list below were eligible for funding under the 2019 round of the DEC CSC Grant Program.

April 8, 2021: As part of aligning with the NYSERDA Clean Energy Communities program (CEC), select actions have been revised. The five-page list of the names of the CSC certification actions is known as the action checklist. The CEC/CSC crosswalk table lists the equivalent actions between the two programs. To download the updated versions of these documents, click the following links:

PDF of the Revised Action Checklist, Excel File of the Revised Action Checklist, Updated CEC/CSC Crosswalk 

(The old action checklist, from November 2020, is also available via this link.)