Local governments that have achieved status as a Certified Climate Smart Community and wish to maintain their designation as leaders should be aware of the guidelines below:

  • Each certification is valid for five years. To maintain status as a Certified Climate Smart Community, recertification is necessary within five years of the most recent certification.
  • Any local government that chooses not to apply for recertification will remain a Registered Climate Smart Community and can seek to attain higher level again at any time.
  • The recertification requirements for each action can be found in in the section on recertification in the description for each action. See the Actions page for details.
  • When applying for recertification, Certified Climate Smart Communities may earn points for some of the same actions for which they earned points during a prior certification, depending on the time frame and the specific requirements of the particular action.
  • Please note that the requirements are subject to change. The Climate Smart Communities certification program aims to provide guidance on best practices that is in sync with technological changes and aligned with the dynamic, evolving field of local climate action.