Climate Smart Communities Certification Report

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bronze Certified

This is the Climate Smart Communities Certification Report of Irvington, Village (Westchester). Irvington, Village (Westchester) is a bronze certified Climate Smart Community.

Irvington, Village (Westchester) was certified on March 04, 2021 with 133 points earned from 17 completed actions. Listed below is information regarding Irvington, Village (Westchester)’s Climate Smart Communities efforts and materials associated with its certified actions.

The certification for Irvington, Village (Westchester) will expire on September 30, 2026.

Contact Information

The designated Climate Smart Communities contact for Irvington, Village (Westchester) is:

Name:Lawrence Schopfer
Title:Village Administrator
Address:85 Main St.
Irvington, NY 10533

Actions Implemented

Each approved action and supporting documentation for which Irvington, Village (Westchester) was approved for in 2021 appears below. Note: Standards for the actions below may have changed and the documentation listed may no longer satisfy requirements for that action.

  • 1. Build a climate-smart community.

    1.1 Pass a Resolution Adopting the CSC Pledge

    4 Points

    Program Summary:

    PE1 Action: CSC Task Force

    20 Points
    Bronze Mandatory Silver Mandatory

    Program Summary: The Board of Trustees appointed members of the Climate Smart Task Force in late 2019. Attached is the Certified resolution establishing the Task Force and meeting agendas and minutes. Trustee Mark Gillibrand serves as the Climate Smart Communities Liaison, as per this webpage:

    PE1 Action: CSC Coordinator

    10 Points
    Bronze Mandatory Silver Mandatory

    Program Summary: The Board of Trustees appointed a CSC Coordinator in October 2019. Resolution appointing Coordinator is attached.

    PE1 Action: National/Regional Climate Program

    3 Points

    Program Summary: Certified resolution of the Irvington Village Board of Trustees approving membership in Sustainable Westchester in 2014 and some examples of active campaigns.

  • 3. Decrease energy use.

    PE3 Action: Government Building Energy Audits

    8 Points
    Bronze Priority Silver Priority

    Program Summary: In January 2021, a Level 2 Energy Audit (per ASHRAE Guidelines) was completed for the Village Hall at 85 Main Street. The total square footage of the building is approximately 19,328 square feet, amounting to at least 10% of all the buildings owned by the village of Irvington.

    PE3 Action: Interior Lighting Upgrades

    5 Points

    Program Summary: In early 2017, the Village replaced nearly all of its interior lighting in all of its facilities with LED fixtures. Attached is a spreadsheet showing departments, locations, # of fixtures at each location, # of fixtures replace and the date replaced.

    PE3 Action: Advanced Vehicles

    2 Points

    Program Summary: Scope of replacement initiative, number of vehicles examined for replacement and type of vehicle acquired

    PE3 Action: LED Street Lights

    10 Points

    Program Summary: A total of 81.5% of all Village-owned street lights have been converted to LED. Detailed schedules showing prior and current wattage and energy savings estimates are attached.

    PE3 Action: Outdoor Lighting Upgrades

    3 Points

    Program Summary: The Village completed an upgrade of outdoor (off street) lighting to LED. Just under 75% of fixtures were replaced, primarily in the Library parking lot, Matthiessen Park and Scenic Hudson Park. Attached is a schedule of outdoor fixtures along with replacement details from 2017.

  • 5. Use climate-smart materials management.

    PE5 Action: Recycling Program for Public Places & Events

    3 Points

    Program Summary: Attached is documentation supporting the establishment of a recycling program in public places as well as establishing a recycling program for large events.

    PE5 Action: Residential Organic Waste Program

    8 Points

    Program Summary: Attached is supporting documentation for the establishment of a drop-off food waste program and a community-wide curbside pick-up yard waste program.

  • 6. Implement climate-smart land use.

    PE6 Action: Comprehensive Plan with Sustainability Elements

    21 Points
    Bronze Priority Silver Priority

    Program Summary: The Village's Comprehensive Plan, updated in 2018, contains numerous provisions that address the goals of the Climate Smart certification. The attached document outlines each provision, indexed by goal and page number. See the following webpage for more information:

    PE6 Action: Infrastructure for Biking and Walking

    2 Points

    Program Summary: Route 9 Active Transportation Corridor Study, resolution and purchase of bike rack

    PE6 Action: Alternative-fuel Infrastructure

    8 Points
    Bronze Priority Silver Priority

    Program Summary: The Village is constructing a total of 4 electric vehicle charging stations at 2 different locations. All approvals are in place, Charge NY grant funding has been approved, and equipment has been purchased. Screenshot of EV Connect Dashboard as of 12/31/2020 showing 4 active stations also attached.

  • 7. Enhance community resilience to climate change.

    PE7 Action: Watershed-based Flood Mitigation Plan

    5 Points

    Program Summary: In 2011, the Village studied all of the major water courses and water bodies within the Village (and beyond to include full watersheds). The Flood Study was completed and presented to the public at that time. The Flood Study is highly useful document that has proven to be quite valuable in planning capital projects and pursuing grant funding. Several major projects and some minor projects have been constructed since the completion of the Flood Study. The Flood Study identifies detailed remedies to flooding areas. Over the years, this list has been used to develop the Village's long-term capital plan. An example project prioritization is attached. Flood Study (no appendicies) and public presentation are attached.

  • 8. Support a green innovation economy.

    PE8 Action: Farmers’ Markets

    3 Points

    Program Summary: Attached is supporting documentation showing that the Village operates a Farmers' Market, how it was organized and how it is supported.

    PE8 Action: Community Choice Aggregation

    18 Points

    Program Summary: The Village of Irvington, as part of the Sustainable Westchester consortium, implemented the Community Choice Aggregation program (aka, Westchester Power) in 2016. The necessary local laws were adopted during 2015 and the Village has been participating ever since. We received approval from NYSERDA and we have attached the latest update document from the Public Service Commission showing Irvington’s participation in the program. Also, a copy of the Village’s local law adopted in 2015 is attached.