Climate Smart Communities Certification Report

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bronze Certified

This is the Climate Smart Communities Certification Report of Saugerties, Town (Ulster). Saugerties, Town (Ulster) is a bronze certified Climate Smart Community.

Saugerties, Town (Ulster) was certified on March 12, 2020 with 170 points earned from 22 completed actions. Listed below is information regarding Saugerties, Town (Ulster)’s Climate Smart Communities efforts and materials associated with its certified actions.

The certification for Saugerties, Town (Ulster) will expire on September 30, 2025.

Contact Information

The designated Climate Smart Communities contact for Saugerties, Town (Ulster) is:

Name:Mary ODonnell
Title/Position:Coordinator / Saugerties Climate Smart Task Force
Address:101 Esopus Creek Rd
Saugerties, NY 12477

Actions Implemented

Each approved action and supporting documentation for which Saugerties, Town (Ulster) was approved for in 2020 appears below. Note: Standards for the actions below may have changed and the documentation listed may no longer satisfy requirements for that action.

  • 1. Build a climate-smart community.

    1.1 Pass a Resolution Adopting the CSC Pledge

    4 Points

    Program Summary:

    PE1 Action: CSC Task Force

    20 Points
    Bronze Mandatory Silver Mandatory

    Program Summary: The Town Board appointed the Conservation Advisory Commission to serve as a Climate Smart Tadk Force in March 2018. The task force includes 12 volunteers who represent a. cross section of the community. A Town Board member serve as liaison to the task force, and a staff member participates in the meetings. Minutes approving the Saugerties Conservation Advisory Commission as the Climate Smart task Force., a list of task force members and an updated list. are attached. The task force meets monthly and the agenda for each meeting is posted on the town website. A link to all CAC Task Force monthly minutes posted on the town website and two recent meeting minutes are attached.

    PE1 Action: CSC Coordinator

    10 Points
    Bronze Mandatory Silver Mandatory

    Program Summary: The Town Board appointed Conservation Advisory Commission Chair Mary ODonnell as coordinator of the task force. The meeting minutes making the appointment and a description of the Role of the Coordinator are attached.

    PE1 Action: National/Regional Climate Program

    3 Points

    Program Summary: The Town of Saugerties was certified as a Clean Energy Community in 2017 by completing four of the ten high Impact actions required for certification. Description of the Town of Saugerties High Impact Actions in compliance with the requirements of the CEC program. The above link is submitted as documentation for the Town of Saugerties participation in the regional campaign, Clean Energy Communities

  • 2. Inventory emissions, set goals, and plan for climate action.

    PE2 Action: Government Operations GHG Inventory

    16 Points
    Bronze Priority Silver Priority

    Program Summary: The GHG Inventory includes data for years 2016/2017 and is accompanied by a narrative that describes the process, The Town participated in the Climate Action Planning Institute which facilitated the completion of the inventory. The inventory was presented to the public and the Town Board at April 17, 2019 Town Board merting when the inventory was adopted by the board. A full report on the inventory is presented in the Climate Action Plan. The inventory is posted on the town website.;/content/Documents/File/1567.xlsx There is a link to the inventory on the Climate Smart Saugerties website. lThe Greco Senior Center Report is attached.

    PE2 Action: Community GHG Inventory

    16 Points
    Bronze Priority Silver Priority

    Program Summary: The Narrative Report, published on August 8, 2019, describes how the town plans to use the inventory as a baseline for a future Community GHG Inventory and Climate Action Plan, It is posted at It was posted on the town website on August 8, 2019 and may be viewed at The Community GHG Inventory for the Town of Saugerties reveals mobile energy is the Town’s largest source of greenhouse gas emissions.. Mobile energy represents approximately 45% of the town"s community emissions. The inventory is published on the Climate Smart Saugerties Website at and on the town website at

    PE2 Action: Government Operations Climate Action Plan

    16 Points
    Bronze Priority Silver Priority

    Program Summary: The twenty--four page plan was adopted by the Town Board at its May 15, 2019 meeting. The motion adopting the plan is the first paragraph under Motions and Resolutions in the minutes. The plan calls for a 20% reduction in GHG emissions by 2025 with strategies and project lists to attain the goal. The draft plan was posted for public comment on the town website, the Climate Smart Saugerties website and a notice for public comment was posted on the Lighthouse TV bulletin board. The adopted plan is posted on the town and CSS website. Hard. copies are available at. Town Hall. Hard copies of the adopted plan are being given to department heads, chairs of boards, committees and commissions, and available for public viewing at the library, supervisor's office and clerk's office.

  • 3. Decrease energy use.

    PE3 Action: Government Building Energy Audits

    8 Points
    Bronze Priority Silver Priority

    Program Summary: The documentation includes an Energy Audit of three municipal buildings : Town Hall, Greco Senior Center and Glasco Wastewater Treatment Plant for a total of 40,190 sq ft., or 19% of the total sq. footage, and a listing of the total square footage of municipally-owned buildings 207,296 sq ft.

    PE3 Action: LED Street Lights

    6 Points

    Program Summary: The Street light Inventory is attached. The Central Hudson report indicates that 66 of the 431 Town street lights have been converted to LED’s. This represents a conversion percentage of 15.3%. The Town Board approved the conversion by Central Hudson of the remainder street lights in March 2019. Additional photos available if required.

    PE3 Action: Outdoor Lighting Upgrades

    3 Points

    Program Summary: The supporting document includes an inventory of all the off-street lighting on town property and the number that have been converted to LED. 74% have been upgraded to LED. Photos of LED outdoor lights on town property are posted. Additional photos are available if required.

    PE3 Action: Energy Code Enforcement Training

    5 Points

    Program Summary: NYSERDA notified the town via email on August 3, 2018 that ithe town's documentation for this CEC high impact action was approved.

  • 4. Shift to clean, renewable energy.

    PE4 Action: Renewable Energy Feasibility Studies

    3 Points

    Program Summary: The attached document is a study conducted for the Town of Saugerties by the EPA to identify the renewable energy potential of the closed and capped town landfill. The study provided information to assist the town officials in determining the potential for solar photovoltaic (PV) electricity generation at the landfill. East Light Partners is creating the solar farm with expected completion in 2019.

    PE4 Action: Solar Energy Installation

    9 Points

    Program Summary: Attached is a Feasibility Study for Solar Installation at the Greco Senior Center. Installation Schematic, Solar Description, Contract, Signage, Press Release Announcing the Dedication of the Installation,

  • 5. Use climate-smart materials management.

    PE5 Action: Residential Organic Waste Program

    4 Points

    Program Summary: A Drop-off Food Waste Composting Program was established in November 2018 by the Town Board for residents of Saugerties, Woodstock and Shandaken. Publicity for program includes flyers, press release, posting on the town and Climate Smart Saugerties (CSS) website, CSS Facebook page, posting on the town website transfer station page, Climate Smart Saugerties website and Facebook Page, The program was part of the Go Smart Go Green Fair exhibits held on May 4, 2019.

  • 6. Implement climate-smart land use.

    PE6 Action: Comprehensive Plan with Sustainability Elements

    9 Points
    Bronze Priority Silver Priority

    Program Summary: The Comprehensive Plan, adopted on September 18, 2013 , incorporates and builds upon the goals, recommendations and strategies set forth in the first Comprehensive Plan addopted by the Town Board in 1999. It indentifies ten important trends and resources and establishes fifteen goals and implementation strategies. The Town is claiming points for the following three sustainablity elements: decrease dependence on fossil fuel and support energy efficiency and renewable energy, protect drinking water from pollution, promote adaptation to climate change.

    PE6 Action: Unified Solar Permit

    5 Points

    Program Summary: Notification of approval of the town's documentation demonstrating completion of the CEC high impact action Unified Solar Permit was received via email on June 12, 2017.

    PE6 Action: Alternative-fuel Infrastructure

    10 Points
    Bronze Priority Silver Priority

    Program Summary: Attached is the Saugerties Kiwanis Ice Arena EV charging station NYSERDA CECP certification attesting to the full operation of the station and the KWh recorded for the first year’s operation. The EV station at the Greco Senior Center and the station at the Veterans Memorial Complex were installed at the end of April 2019 therefore usage information is not yet available. All three stations are available for public use and are viewable on the PlugShare map.

    PE6 Action: Natural Resources Inventory

    10 Points
    Bronze Priority Silver Priority

    Program Summary: 2010 Open Space Plan includes Natural Resources Inventory (p.21): The document is posted on the town website -;/content/Documents/File/824.pdf

  • 7. Enhance community resilience to climate change.

    PE7 Action: Shade Structures Policy

    4 Points

    Program Summary: The Shade Structures in Public Places Policy adopted by the Town Board in February 2019 contains 14 provisions that guide town officials in protecting the public at its large recreational Cantine Veterans Complex and its eight satellite parks from high-heat conditions and ultraviolet radiation.

  • 9. Inform and inspire the public.

    PE9 Action: Climate-related Public Events

    3 Points

    Program Summary: The Go Smart Go Green Fair, co-sponsored by the Climate Smart Task Force and the Chamber of Commerce attracted approximately 150 visitors on May 4, 2019 to the Greco Senior Center and featured 18 exhibits on climate-related topics such as recycling, energy audits, EV demonstrations, plastic-free options., solar installations. The town government donated the space, funded pr items and refreshments, provided copies of printed materials and AV staff support for the slide show.

    PE9 Action: Local Climate Action Website

    3 Points

    Program Summary: Climate Smart Saugerties Website was designed by a task force member as a volunteer. The site is updated on a regular basis as new events are posted and new climate-related information is received. The site had 3,229 visitors and 19,229 hits from January-June 2019. In 2018 from September-December it had 1,942 visitors and 19,559 hits. There is a link on the Town's website that links to the Climate Smart Saugerties website. The launching of the site was reported in the local press . Website Guidelines.were established.

    PE9 Action: Social Media

    3 Points

    Program Summary: The Facebook Page was developed by a task force volunteer who serves as the admin. The page is active with 115 followers. It can be viewed at A recent posting may be viewed at Guidelines were adopted in October 2018. The page has 115 followers.