Climate Smart Communities Certification Report

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bronze Certified

This is the Climate Smart Communities Certification Report of Red Hook, Town (Dutchess). Red Hook, Town (Dutchess) is a bronze certified Climate Smart Community.

Red Hook, Town (Dutchess) was certified on September 26, 2019 with 153 points earned from 26 completed actions. Listed below is information regarding Red Hook, Town (Dutchess)’s Climate Smart Communities efforts and materials associated with its certified actions.

The certification for Red Hook, Town (Dutchess) will expire on September 30, 2024.

Contact Information

The designated Climate Smart Communities contact for Red Hook, Town (Dutchess) is:

Name:Laurie Husted
Title:Chair Conservation Advisory Council
Address:7340 South Broadway
Red Hook, NY 12571

Actions Implemented

Each approved action and supporting documentation for which Red Hook, Town (Dutchess) was approved for in 2019 appears below. Note: Standards for the actions below may have changed and the documentation listed may no longer satisfy requirements for that action.

  • 1. Build a climate-smart community.

    1.1 Pass a Resolution Adopting the CSC Pledge

    0 Points

    Program Summary:

    PE1 Action: CSC Task Force

    20 Points
    Bronze Mandatory Silver Mandatory

    Program Summary: Attached is a 1/8/19 Resolution passed by the Town Board to form the Climate Smart Communities Task Force, a list of members/affiliations, and meeting minutes from the 1/9/19 meeting and 6/12/19 meeting.

    PE1 Action: CSC Coordinator

    10 Points
    Bronze Mandatory Silver Mandatory

    Program Summary: See attached PDF of the Resolution for Creating the Climate Smart Communities Task Force. Item 1 states that the Task force will be chaired by Laurie Husted, current Chair of the Red Hook Conservation Advisory Committee.

    PE1 Action: National/Regional Climate Program

    3 Points

    Program Summary: Red Hook is a NYSERDA CEC Participating Community : The Town is also the lead municipality of the Mid Hudson Street Light Consortium:

    PE1 Action: Partnerships with Other Entities

    3 Points

    Program Summary: The Town of Red Hook participates in an intermunicipal task force with the Villages of Tivoli and Red Hook: These three municipalities completed the Pace LULA (land use leadership alliance) training together in 2004 and since have worked collaboratively on various smart growth strategies and techniques: see case study here: The Town also is part of an intermunicipal agreement and partnership to undertake its CCA program. See supporting documentation for the legislation.

  • 2. Inventory emissions, set goals, and plan for climate action.

    PE2 Action: Community Climate Action Plan

    16 Points
    Bronze Priority Silver Priority

    Program Summary: See the Town of Red Hook Climate Action Plan. See Chapter 2 Major Emissions by Source and Local Sector (pg. 31-33) and Appendix A: Greenhouse Gas Emissions Calculations Methodology (pg. 74-77) for the community GHG inventory. The ICLEI Clean Air and Climate Protection software was used to conduct the GHG Inventory for Red Hook.) See Chapter 3 Major Emissions Sources Addressed in this Report and Opportunities for Reductions (34-66) for GHG reduction targets. The Town of Red Hook Climate Action Plan is publicly available on the Town website at:

  • 3. Decrease energy use.

    PE3 Action: Benchmarking - Municipal Buildings

    4 Points

    Program Summary: Supporting Documentation includes a Press Release about the NYSERDA CEC Program and the Town of Red Hook's participation, a screen shot of the NYSERDA CEC Program Participating Communities webpage to demonstrate Red Hook's achievement of the Energy Benchmarking High Impact Action, a copy of the resolution passed for NYSERDA CEC Benchmarking High Impact Action, and Benchmarking data for municipal Buildings with date from 2016-2018 (see Red Hook Energy Benchmarking 2016-18). Additionally, Paul Cadden-Zimansky presented at Town Board meeting. This information is also available on the Town CAC's Facebook page at and Town's website at: The Press Release about the Town of Red Hook's participation in the NYSERDA CEC Program and completing the Energy Benchmarking for Government Builidngs is shared publicly on the Town's website and found at this link:

    PE3 Action: Advanced Vehicles

    2 Points

    Program Summary: Completed the CEC Clean Fleets High Impact Action. The Town completed the NYSERDA Clean Fleets High Impact Action and purchased a 2017 Toyota Highlander Hybrid vehicle. See attached Clean Fleets Certification Form.

    PE3 Action: Energy Code Enforcement Training

    5 Points

    Program Summary: The town of Red Hook was designated by NYSERDA as a Clean Energy Community. As per the map of participating Clean Energy Communities on the following webpage, NYSERDA approved the town's completion the Energy Code Enforcement Training action:

  • 4. Shift to clean, renewable energy.

    PE4 Action: Solar Energy Installation

    17 Points

    Program Summary: In 2008, the Town had a 3.7 Kilowatt demonstration solar array installed on the Town Hall roof. In it's first year, the panels generated 4,479 kilowatt hours, preventing 1.5 tons of greenhouse gas emissions and providing 7.6% of Town Hall electricity consumption. In 2009, the Town installed an additional 23 KW solar panel system, and installed solar panels on the Recycling Center utilizing support from a $120,000 grant from NYSERDA. The Town also installed municipal solar on the Highway Department building roofs, which provides all of the Fire House electricity needs and 2/3rd of Town Hall energy needs. See Sierra Club article about Red Hook's efforts as supporting documentation. Also viewable at this website link: .

  • 5. Use climate-smart materials management.

    PE5 Action: Reuse Programs

    6 Points

    Program Summary: The Town of Red Hook Recycling Center is open all year round ( Supporting documentations include photos of the recycling center and rules to show that it is actively in use, a pdf of the rules on the website, and the Recycling Brochure, a promotional/educational material, which includes descriptive information regarding rules and the "Goods Exchange" at the Recycling Center.

    PE5 Action: Waste Reduction Education Campaign

    2 Points

    Program Summary: The Town of Red Hook recently began hosting Repair Cafe's to encourage residents to reduce and reuse, and repair, instead of throwing items away and buying replacements. The Town has hosted two repair cafe's so far and is hosting a third on July 27th. At these events, the CAC also educates residents about related waste reduction practices, and volunteer skilled repairers assist attendees with repairing various items. Supporting documentation includes an example of outreach flyers and descriptions of the Repair Cafe' series. Also included is a link to the Repair Café network ( and an upcoming event for the July 27th repair café advertised on the website (, however Red Hook is not yet listed as a participating location on the website (there is a disclaimer that says not all municipalities are listed yet). Link to outreach on the Hudson Valley Kids website for January 20th repair café ( Lastly, screenshots of outreach on the Town of Red Hook CAC's facebook page are provided as supporting documentation.

    PE5 Action: Compost Bins for Residents

    2 Points

    Program Summary: The Town of Red Hook CAC has started providing composting bins as part of their Repair Café series. At the January 20th Repair Café, a composting lesson was available and bins were available for $29 each (discounted price), from a $58 full price. Ulster County Resource Recover Agency provided the bins. At the January 20th Repair Café, 20 bins were provided, and 15 distributed to community members. The bins distributed are pictured in the supporting documentation UCRRA Backyard Composting brochure.

  • 6. Implement climate-smart land use.

    PE6 Action: Unified Solar Permit

    5 Points

    Program Summary: The town of Red Hook was designated by NYSERDA as a Clean Energy Community. As per the map of participating Clean Energy Communities on the following webpage, NYSERDA approved the town's completion the Unified Solar Permit action:

    PE6 Action: Policies for Local Food Systems

    1 Points

    Program Summary:

    PE6 Action: Infrastructure for Biking and Walking

    8 Points

    Program Summary: There is bike parking at Town Hall, the Miglioreli Farm Stand , Holy Cow stand in addition to at Village Hall and Taste Budds through a Public Art Project in collaboration with Red Hook Community Art Network with crowdsourced funding support. All bike parking is on the Dutchess County Bicycle Parking interactive online map ( and included in the Dutchess County Bicycle and Pedestrian Plan, Walk Bike Dutchess. Additionally the town is involved in a Village to Village trail with Village of Red Hook and Village of Tivoli see trail plan here : . Also see Red Hook Trail Plan. The full plan is available here : and promotes walkability and bikeability throughout Red Hook. Additionally, the Town extended sidewalks from the town center to Holy Cow along Rt. 9 to encourage walkability and safety. Project description is available here : * could not upload directly b/c max doc allowance was reached.

    PE6 Action: Alternative-fuel Infrastructure

    6 Points
    Bronze Priority Silver Priority

    Program Summary: As seen in the pictures attached, the Town of Red Hook provides one electric charging station for vehicles. It contains two level 4 charging ports and is available for public use 24/7. As depicted, the charging station is actively being used by the public. See supplemental documents "July Report-ChargePoint" and "progress report text" for more information. There is no external funding outside of the municipality. This station was installed on August 8th, 2017. A NYSERDA Clean Fleets Certification Form for the Town of Red Hok is provided, as is a screenshot showing that the Town of Red Hook is a NYSERDA CEC Program participant and has fulfilled the Clean Fleets High Impact Action.

    PE6 Action: Local Forestry Program

    10 Points

    Program Summary: The Town of Red Hook Forestry Management plan was created in 2013 and approved by the NYS Urban Forestry Council. It includes a street tree inventory, master tree list, tree planting instructions and more ( The Town has been a Tree City for 17 yrs ( The town has an active tree preservation commission ( The Tree Preservation Committee actively conducts tree plantings with community volunteers and partner organizations/stakeholders.

    PE6 Action: Zoning for Protection of Natural Areas

    4 Points

    Program Summary:

  • 7. Enhance community resilience to climate change.

    PE7 Action: Evaluate Policies for Climate Resilience

    6 Points
    Bronze Priority Silver Priority

    Program Summary:

    PE7 Action: Watershed-based Flood Mitigation Plan

    4 Points

    Program Summary: The Saw Kill watershed covers 26 square miles (as stated on page 6 under the Introduction heading), but it supersedes the municipal boundaries of Red Hook, which contains 40 square miles. This document explains that the watershed covers the western portion of the town of Milan, portions of the village of Red Hook, and the Hamlet of Annandale-on-the-Hudson (page 6). About 20 square miles of the watershed are within the borders of Red Hook. This estimation can be made by adding the square miles of the locations within Red Hook, which are depicted on the maps in this document on page. From this calculation, we can conclude that the watershed covers over 75% of the community area. The list of priority projects are stated on page three and described from pages 37 through 44.

    PE7 Action: Riparian Buffers

    3 Points

    Program Summary: The town of Red Hook actively participates in the Sawkill Watershed Community The Town recently completed a Watershed Assessment for the Sawkill Watershed. The Town has a Deveopment w/in Environmental Protection Overlay District and Stream Corridor protection and special use permit in zoning code. Additionally, the town utilizes Conservation Easements (see supporting documentation). Examples of conservation easements and riparian cooridor protection projects:

  • 8. Support a green innovation economy.

    PE8 Action: Rooftop Solarize Campaign

    5 Points

    Program Summary: The town of Red Hook was designated by NYSERDA as a Clean Energy Community. As per the map of participating Clean Energy Communities on the following webpage, NYSERDA approved the town's completion the Solarize/Clean Heating & Cooling/Solar for All Campaign action:

  • 9. Inform and inspire the public.

    PE9 Action: Energy Reduction Campaign

    5 Points

    Program Summary: The Town is an EnergizeNY participating municipality:

    PE9 Action: Local Climate Action Website

    3 Points

    Program Summary: Town of Red Hook 10% Challenge website: Town of REd Hook CAC Facebook page:

    PE9 Action: Social Media

    3 Points

    Program Summary: The Town of Red Hook Conservation Advisory Council has an active Facebook page where they share climate change/climate smart related content, updates and events.